Have you seen the November issue of ComputerMusic?

Have you seen the November 2018 issue of ComputerMusic.

ComputerMusic November 2018 Issue

This edition’s CD contains some really useful VST Effects for guitarists that can be loaded into GuitarSharp as we discussed in this earlier blog post.

In particular is the Shattered Glass Audio Inferno CM VST Effect. Which looks like this:

InfernoCM Shattered Glass Audio VST Effect in GuitarSharp

This VST Effect emulates a Pre Amp and can be used to provide some Overdrive to your guitar sound. But a great use of this VST Effect is the ability to apply a High Pass and Low Pass filter. When you connect a guitar to your computer, you can often hear unwanted background noise and by using the filters here you can cut these out.

Also on the magazine’s CD is the Audio Assault GrindMachine CM VST Effect. This VST Effect provides a range of amplifier emulators. You can play around with a range of different settings – and the names are great too! Below is the Kamikaze Attitude setup !!:

The Kamikaze Attitude VST Effect in GuitarSharp

So whenever you fancy taking a break from your guitar practice, its just great fun playing around with all these settings and just enjoying the fantastic sounds that your guitar can make. We hope you enjoy it.